Where is my package? 
Please check your email for a shipment notification and tracking code. Items that are printed on demand are shipped by the manufacturer and I have no say in what happens to them. However, handmade costume and jewelry pieces will be shipped out a couple times a week, usually Tuesday and Friday.

I need my order faster...
If this is a handmade item, please make sure you select the shipping that best fits your timeline. I have ADHD and do my best to get the package shipped as soon as possible, but if you have a deadline in mind, please reach out BEFORE making your purchase!

Do you do refunds and returns?
The short answer is no. In the event that there is an issue with your product, please use the contact page to reach out. Unfortunately, once I hand the package over to the post services, I have no say in what happens to it. That being said, I do insure every package of hand-made goods to match the contents.

Can I commission you?
Of course! The price will depend on the item, but will start at the equivalent item as the premade, with additional costs to cover your exact request. Please use the contact page to reach out and we can talk.

I live outside of the United States, can I still purchase from you?
As long as you're prepared for shipping costs, absolutely! 

What is the difference between moss agate and tree agate?
Not a lot, actually. Both are chalcedony with green/brown marbling on them. The primary difference is that the body of tree agate is white, while the body of moss agate is more translucent. Since both are chalcedony, it's possible to have both of them on one piece - like citrine and amethyst!